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Flores para el Trueque, 2013

Mercadito & Mentidero, Bogotá, Colombia

Flores Para El Trueque began in 2013 with a six-hour non-theatrical performance curated by Mercadito & Mentidero, Bogotá. I worked selling handcrafted flowers at the Bogotá Sunday market which includes a variety of street performers and vendors who sell homemade food, used and new domestic goods, and cut flowers grown on the farms located on the outskirts of the city. The market functions on a monetary and barter economy. I chose to exchange handcrafted flowers for whatever the customer gave me including pesos, U.S. dollars, sweets, drawings, photos, personal anecdotes, and religious items. This exchange responded specifically to Colombia’s role as a global exporter of cut flowers and the market’s economy.

Flores Para El Trueque, 2013 from Jennifer Vanderpool on Vimeo.