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Untold Stories

2020-2022, US-UK Fulbright Artist Fellow, University of Liverpool

Untold Stories crafts a social history of each deindustrialized Midwest city where the exhibit occurs. As a US-UK Fulbright Artist Fellow at the University of Liverpool, I am currently investigating relationships between these cities and those in the Industrial North of England through a photographic and video narrative project that includes stories told by noted American and British authors, scholars, and activists. Below are select recent images.

Symposium Panelist at Across the Pond
'Communities, Storytelling, and Cultural Institutions'

Organizers: US-UK Fulbright Commission, London
Zoom Webinar
July 20, 2021

Communities, Storytelling and Cultural Institutions explored the role of cultural institutions – such as museums, art galleries and libraries – in wider society. People of all walks of life visit cultural institutions as part of everyday leisure activities, to appreciate and experience cultural artifacts. But digging deeper, what role do they have on shaping society itself?

What is their effect on communities, and how do they help keep citizens engaged in the conservation of culture and heritage? How would society change if cultural institutions disappeared completely?

Jennifer conversed with Dr. Alison Eardley, senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Westminster. Alison is a Fulbright scholar at the Smithsonian’s Anacostia Community Museum exploring place-identity, belonging, memory, and the relationship between the museum and its local communities.

Dr. Louise Siddons, an art history professor at Oklahoma State University and the British Library Eccles Centre Scholar Fulbright Awardee, moderated the discussion.

Pittsburgh to Liverpool, 2020 (168" x 84") (Archival Photographic Intervention)

Youngstown to Liverpool, 2020 (84” x 84”) (Archival Photographic Intervention Digital Print)

Youngstown to Sheffield, 2021 (84” x 84”) (Archival Photographic Intervention Digital Print)

Akron to Youngstown, 2020 (36" x 84") (Archival Photographic Intervention)

Detroit to Gary, 2022 (17" x 72") (Archival Photographic Intervention)

Youngstown to Detroit, 2022 (24" x 60") (Archival Photographic Intervention)

Liverpool to Youngstown, 2022 (24" x 36") (Archival Photographic Intervention)

Cleveland to Sheffield, 2021 (36" x 42") (Archival Photographic Intervention)

Cleveland to Buffalo, 2020 (36" x 42") (Archival Photographic Intervention)

Akron to Pittsburgh, 2021 (17" x 24") (Archival Photographic Intervention)

Cleveland to Detroit, 2021 (17" x 21") (Archival Photographic Intervention)

Sheffield to Toledo, 2021 (17" x 21") (Archival Photographic Intervention)

without hide and seek!, 2022 (9" x 6") (Archival Photographic Intervention)

This Luxary can really be yours!, 2022 (9" x 6") (Archival Photographic Intervention)

Near Everything!, 2022 (9" x 6") (Archival Photographic Intervention)

Why dream?, 2022 (9" x 6") (Archival Photographic Intervention)

And here's the best..., 2021 (9" x 6") (Archival Photographic Intervention)