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Wanton, 2011

Galería Sextante, Bogotá, Colombia

Wanton included 43 suspended sculptures, projected video, and 10 photographs. The suspended, gooey globes each represented its own otherworldly landscape inhabited by fake flowers, birds, and butterflies. The sculptures were created from balls of fabric and then layered with colored industrial glue, before being decorated. The media piece was projected on the back wall, so viewers had to walk through the suspended garden to see it. The sculptures were the metaphorical garden for the dilapidated, yet intriguing images of homes in the projection. The photographs of the sculpture details, which highlighted the microcosm of the suspended worlds, were further decorated with screen-print overlays.

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Wanton, 2011 Exhibition Documentation from Jennifer Vanderpool on Vimeo.

Wanton, 2011 Projection from Jennifer Vanderpool on Vimeo.