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Curatorial Projects

Vanderpool’s curatorial projects engage socially constructed questions about the environment and belief systems as well as gender, ageism, and economics. She has curated exhibitions at the Crossroads School in Santa Monica, Eyedrum in Atlanta, and the sadly defunct artist collaborative Bluemilk formerly located in Atlanta. Her next curatorial project is Imaginary Selves, which opens at the University of La Verne in February 2016. The exhibition includes work by California based artists Jane Callister, Lisa Jevbratt, Việt Lê, James Van Arsdale, Canadian artist Brian McArthur, and Colombian artist Catalina Jaramillo Quijano. This exhibition seeks to question the socio-cultural emerging of self and in this way, each artist’s project is a case study.

The collaborative curatorial team of Ciara Ennis and Jennifer Vanderpool explore the interconnections between radical art practices and social activism in their exhibition A Moderate Proposal, which will open at Pitzer College in 2018. The National Endowment for the Arts has awarded Pitzer College Art Galleries an Arts Works grant to present A Moderate Proposal. Ennis and Vanderpool have discussed their collaboration at the “Collecting Geographies—Global Programming and Museums of Modern Art” organized by the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands, and the “Sculpture, Culture, and Community,” International Sculpture Center’s Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. Their writing was included in the “Archive for Visual Activism Proposals” at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.